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Peggy's Story

I started with Salt of the Earth in 1994 or 1995. It is hard to remember back that year for sure. We started by wanting to do housing for the youth, and I opened up my house at Silver Lake for them. It was to start with one person taking charge and she went to California. I knew she wouldn't be back and I jumped ahead of God and let another couple come in. It became a home for 26 at the end, and was a disaster. This is where I met Will, the young man talked about in Sandra's Story. He is still serving the Lord. What an experience!

In 1995 the food bank part started and things were dropped off for the house. I started to help Sandra Richards with the sack lunches out of the back of a church. We retired from work in Dec. of 1996 and took on a food run and were more available to help Sandra. My husband and I made deliveries in town and then delivered food to Pilchuck Valley Chapel, on Highway 92, where it is given out in boxes, and then some how we started doing out of our home for people in the neighborhood. This is God's doings, not ours.

In July of 1997 we started doing the sack lunches for Sandra and David while they went on vacation south and retired from it in Dec. of 2008, although I still fill in when needed. My husband retired earlier in the year due to his health. We did a hot soup or meal the last Tuesday of the month during the winter months.

We still do the food run, although have drivers pick up for us on Thursdays and deliver to PVC, although they have changed the name to Sanctuary Ministries. We also pick up on Saturday and have one who picks up here that afternoon. I take the food on Sundays to my morning church, For His Glory Reigns Ministries, an in home church on Mt. Loop Highway, then to Midnight Cry Sunday in Snohomish in the evenings. Any leftovers are given to a couple who raise cows. So many people are helped because of this food bank.

In March of 2008 we moved into a house all set up for the food bank. They had remodeled and put the kitchen cupboards in the attached garage, put our freezers in there and bought some more cupboards. We do no less than 5 boxes and sometimes 11. Our driver does about 5 from his place, and the other helper does some also.

The "Tuesday Lunch Bunch", as I lovingly call them, has had food provided for them, and now have a marvelous cook doing their food. I have so many fond memories of this group that changes year to year. I have done 3 memorials for them, and been to many through out the years. They are with the Lord. It is a wonderful place to minister, and become acquainted with many wonderful people.

Sincerely yours,

Don and Peg Carlson, serving the Lord in whatever we do.


IMMEDIATE NEED: As temperatures drop, we need cold weather sleeping bags to help the homeless. Click here to help!

Everett Gospel Mission reports an approximate one week waiting list to get into the shelter. That means that homeless who need shelter -- even as temperatures drop -- have to fend for themselves. We can help them with cold weather sleeping bags, but we need your help!


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