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Salt of the Earth Food Bank


Everett Gospel Mission - Shelter and services for homeless men, women, and children. Visit the website for more information and to volunteer.

The Salvation Army - Everett Corps - Serving the city of Everett and Greater Snohomish County Communities through a food bank, worship, meals, and volunteer opportunities.

Otacho Good Hope School - Learn the history and meet Pastor Nashon and his wife, the native missionaries who run a Christian-based orphanage in Migori, Kenya.

Tuck's Directory of Emergency Shelters by State - Directory of all emergency shelters in the US, organized by state, with contact information (phone, web and address) as well as all of the services they offer plus a curated compilation of national and online resources for those affected by homelessness looking for help.

Madison Community Church - Madison Community Church, as it is today, is a combination of three churches with long histories of service in the Everett area.

Lake Country Baptist - Lake Stevens church. Building relationships and equipping believers to share the message of Christ.

Gladiators of Christ - Christian t-shirts with a bold message of truth.

Design by Courtney - Courtney designs graphics for print and the web (she volunteered her print design services for Salt of the Earth Food Bank for a recent flier campaign, which we thank her for).


IMMEDIATE NEED: As temperatures drop, we need cold weather sleeping bags to help the homeless. Click here to help!

Everett Gospel Mission reports an approximate one week waiting list to get into the shelter. That means that homeless who need shelter -- even as temperatures drop -- have to fend for themselves. We can help them with cold weather sleeping bags, but we need your help!


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Everett pastor Papa Kila plans benefit to aid tsunami victims in his native Samoa

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