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Salt of the Earth Food Bank


We encourage community witnessing! Ask God to prepare you for witnessing with His Truth, and He will! Ask the Lord to equip you with his Word, and then take His message to the streets! He will give you courage. He will give you strength. Share the good news of the gospel with a hurt and dying world and warn them about the judgment to come.

Please contact us if you're interested in gospel tracts to use in your witnessing:

Interested in handing out Bibles? Websites such as Bibles by the Case offer discounts on Bibles, based on volume.


What a great time to be alive and opportunity to serve God by helping search out the long lost sheep.

America, on a continued downward spiral into sin, like many other nations from history (as recorded in the Bible) finds itself face to face with a Holy God and his promises to reign in the nations, and make all people one day bow and confess the name of Christ as Lord and Savior of this world.

Whether it's the uncountable false religions that are followed in our nation by the many millions of people that have moved here from other parts of the world, or the vast "lukewarmness" and complacency plaguing American churches, many Christians believe that the times we live in now are only going to get worse, signaling the end times of the present world as told to us in the Word of God.

The harvest is great, and the laborers are few, as we're told in the Word. Many people are likely to turn to the Word -- if we lead them to it -- in the days to come.


IMMEDIATE NEED: As temperatures drop, we need cold weather sleeping bags to help the homeless. Click here to help!

Everett Gospel Mission reports an approximate one week waiting list to get into the shelter. That means that homeless who need shelter -- even as temperatures drop -- have to fend for themselves. We can help them with cold weather sleeping bags, but we need your help!


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